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Default Texans Season

Originally Posted by Richard Sambucci View Post
So how’s everyone feeling about this season?
I always believe that “this season” we’ll be in the playoffs. But this year I’m even more optimistic than usual.
Our offense is a playoff offense but our defence has always let us down but with Wade getting us ready along with the acquisitions of Jonathan Joseph & Danieal Manning in the secondary, our defence already looks improved. With reports suggesting that Jason Allen might take Kareem Jacksosns starting spot and JJ Watt our number 1 pick looking like a beast I firmly believe we can take the AFC South for the first time – what a way to celebrate our 10th anniversary.
Speaking of which, it’d be nice to see us wear Battle red as our primary jersey this season and maybe a white helmet with a red facemask, just to make our 10th year stand out. What do you guys think?
I think we will get a wildcard to make the play offs. This is our Year but I also say this every year aswell.

I like the idea of the white helmet and red facemask.

we will see tonight how things go against the Jets in the preseason.

Go Texans
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