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I don't think we need him either. I think that way too much is made of Chicago's lack of receiving. However, I think it's unfair to judge every player who gets into trouble with the same brush. I think it is worth seeing what happens with him and meeting the guy to gauge exactly what he is like.

I am surprised that Chicago are interested because Lovie and JA are usually so cautious with regard to player conduct. Nevertheless, I think it's too soon to write Plaxico off as another example of the league's conduct policy gone wrong. Tank Johnson is a good example of a person who made a mistake and was supported by the team. He then did it again and was cut. I think the question here is whether Burress has learned from this.

I feel the whole "hard on bad-character" thing is about to fall flat on it's face anyway when the face of the problem, Michael Vick returns to the league.
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