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I'm not sure where I am in the whole Burress-debate. I see a playmaker that would improve our team greatly, no matter how much we like what we have.
As a matter of fact he has the potential of making us a Super Bowl contender, so not even considering him would show lack of ambition.

Now there are tons of red flags that come along with him. This isn't the first time he's in trouble, but I must say that this specific case has been blown totally out of proportions. However for the Giants it was the topping of the cake, and they just had enough of him, simple as that. Keep in mind that most number 1 WRs are diva-like, and is often referred to as locker room cancers.

I remember from my own days of football: the guys I hated most on the team were always receivers. It comes with the territory. They had inflated egos, acted like everything was about them, and were just a big pain in the but*. However, on game day, when they showed catching those TD passes they were the love and everything them was beautiful (for about a couple of minutes).

Now I know they're not all like that. Some of the best in the business are actually quite down-to-earth team first players (Johnson, Fitzgerald), but you have (at least) as many TO, Ochocinco, Burress types as you have the Johnsons. And I think to be competitive in the NFL you cannot exclude any player with some character issues.
The problems with Tank and Benson was that they did what they did WHILE THEY WERE UNDER CONTRACT WITH THE BEARS. That's a big difference from a player on another team. Tank Johnson came out of prison saying he had done some serious thinking and that he understood that he's done something wrong, being a bad rolemodel for kids and fans, then he goes out getting a ticket for DUI only months after saying he's become an angel!! Wow...

I think for most players receiving a ticket wouldn't be such a big problem, but when there's been repeated behaviour after being warned then there's no hope.

Now with Plaxico there's been no promises or anything whatsoever to the Bears...simply because he's been under contract with the Giants all the time. Now Giants had to react. He's used their trust (on the contrary he's also received a TD pass for a Super Bowl winning catch).

So even though we would have to think ten times about it before we even think about talking to Plaxico this is a unique case that must be looked at individually...
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