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Default New To College Football

I think this is the right place to start this thread, if not, I apologise.

I'm a long-time fan of the NFL but being resident in the UK have never had a chance to check out College football. However, the magic of the internet means that I can now catch a college game now and again.

I'd like to watch more college football but don't know how the league is structured. I also don't know how the season/playoffs/bowls are structured (what the heck are all the bowls about!). Is there a good site to get all the basic info? Maybe one of you guys can outline it really simply (e.g. 2 conferences, 4 divisions in each, 16 game season, 12 in playoffs, Superbowl)?

Anything else a noob might want to know (Rivalries, best/worst teams, interesting facts, etc.)?

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