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Originally Posted by Jegpeg View Post
I was referring to depth chart do WR3 and WR4 mean different things positionally when on the field?

I haven't seen any articles on who will make the play-offs (I can't see anything behind the ESPN paywall) but ESPN have us ranked third in power rankings behind the panthers and Pats.

A reasonable draft strategy though with late picks I think we are better off getting someone like Le'Raven Clark in round one than seeing who is left in R2 and 3. You also leave no space for a back-up QB are you expecting that to come from FA?
There is no positional change between WR 3 and 4 but there is a pay one.

I'd be very surprised if Clark isn't on the board at 56. I'd rank him as my 9th OT overall and 14th O-lineman. I also think the fall off is much lower between the 6th OT and 12th OT than it is between the 12th DT and 13th DT (and I can see that many going in the top 50).

It wouldn't surprise me if Jackson resigns at the end of July. Miss OTAs and see if anyone will give him stupid money. Even so, I think we'll go FA. There are some rumours that the chrome dome might want to retire a Seahawk so that would do.
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