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Originally Posted by DeanE153 View Post
I PM'd Qualcomm over a week ago. No response. Other people have said it's impossible to get any form of reply as well so any questions or issues it seems everyone is stuck.

I don't think it'd be a hard job to;

- Get this place busy again
- resolve the site/login issues
- Promote the forum a lot better than it is (if at all)

But if you have admins who wont respond you're kind of just stuck.
Going over old ground, but I think the current status quo is about the best this forum can hope for. The number of users will hover around its current level, a few will leave, a few will return, and a few new members will join, but beyond that I can't see a renaissance at any point down the line.

NFLUK made it clear they prefer Twitter, Facebook, etc as a means to promote the game. They seemingly don't want to commit any resources to supporting the forum anymore (lets be honest they haven't really been committed to this forum for a good few years). That's their choice, and there's not a lot we can do about it.

They have done the forum faithful a 'favour' by allowing us access it as it ages and decays. One day it'll just disappear and that will be that.
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