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Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
Going over old ground, but I think the current status quo is about the best this forum can hope for. The number of users will hover around its current level, a few will leave, a few will return, and a few new members will join, but beyond that I can't see a renaissance at any point down the line.

NFLUK made it clear they prefer Twitter, Facebook, etc as a means to promote the game. They seemingly don't want to commit any resources to supporting the forum anymore (lets be honest they haven't really been committed to this forum for a good few years). That's their choice, and there's not a lot we can do about it.

They have done the forum faithful a 'favour' by allowing us access it as it ages and decays. One day it'll just disappear and that will be that.
That's fine but why don't they hand the reigns over to someone with some interest in rejuvenating it a bit? Only a few short years back it was a lot busier than it is now. Apart from message boards being a much better place for debate than social media there were some nice threads like the FAQ thread where people were educating new members about the sport. Seems a shame.
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