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Originally Posted by payton3434 View Post
I was about to post that email

The Bears are going to be on prime time and probably sky plenty... success brings blackouts. I'll be watching a lot of games on tuesday and wednesday i think
Opening game against the Pack is a Thursday and the Thanksgiving game against the Lions is also Thursday, so hopefully they don't apply as blackout games. So should be two that we get. Plus we have the Raiders game here . So might not be too bad??

Regards the Gamepass e-mail:

Really happy they removed the regionalisation which stopped me subscribing during the regular season as I do a lot of travel for work. Made no sense anyway.
Smart TV apps are a good addition given we lost the Apple TV app a few years back
Price increase isn't huge.

Also checked the TopCashBack site and they have a link where you can get 11% back on the subscription cost.

So all in all I'm somewhat positive and will probably go back to having a subscription this year
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