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Originally Posted by seantheprawn View Post
Best in the NFL!

Playoff atmosphere no matter what record we have, as well as cracking tailgates. Houston was officially rated the best tailgate city by the tailgating commissioner this year.

The fans are also very receptive to English visitors as I found on on both of my visits!

I personally like being part of our exclusive little club, rather than be a fan of a team like the patriots whose fanbase is filled with jolly come latelys and prawn sandwhich eaters!

How many Texans fans do you reckon there are in the UK?
Cheers for the feedback on Reliant Stadium and the Texans fans. I can't wait to go someday soon. With a baby on the way I think I might have to wait a few Years though.

Glad the Texans like the English. Thats always good.

In termsa of fans in the UK. I think NFLUK said there are about 1,000 registered with the site but I think in terms of active members there are about 10 of us. We are definatley have one of the smaller fanbases compared to the other teams on the site.
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