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Originally Posted by TexansTaylor View Post
Cheers for the feedback on Reliant Stadium and the Texans fans. I can't wait to go someday soon. With a baby on the way I think I might have to wait a few Years though.

Glad the Texans like the English. Thats always good.

In termsa of fans in the UK. I think NFLUK said there are about 1,000 registered with the site but I think in terms of active members there are about 10 of us. We are definatley have one of the smaller fanbases compared to the other teams on the site.
I love being part of this exclusive little club and also no-one can ever accuse us of being glory hunters!
I have been to Reliant for the Houston Rodeo (which is great fun in itself) and the stadium was really good with a great view and really good amenities and was one of the things that made me support this team. I can't wait to get there for a Texans game some day.
If we make the playoffs this year (assuming we get a wild card and will be away) the wife might have to wait for the new kitchen...
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