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Default Specifically for the International Series Thread

Rules of Agreement for using the NFL London part of the board.

This is in addition to the universal rules of the board which by the very nature, of using, is assumed that you have read and agree to.

When starting new threads, can people please consider whether there is already a thread on the same issue? I have lost count of the number of duplicate ones I have seen over the past 24 hours. If they are not on the first page, then click over to the second page because, with the board moving so fast, it is possible that it might have slipped onto there.

Any threads considered to be duplicates will be deleted. The decision is that of the moderator in question.

Threads specifically about an individuals circumstances shall be removed/locked. This is to avoid having a plethora of people beginning ones solely about themselves, and to make the board user friendly in terms of disseminating information.

Threads specifically for blocks of seating or fans (other than the two teams involved in the game) shall be removed. Having one for a particular block opens the floodgates for countless more to be set up. And frankly, they deflect away fromsome of the bigger issues in question.

Threads involving the location people are going from can remain, but please look through all the pages of this NFL London part of the board, because one might already be in place.

Anyone requesting passwords or tickets shall have their posts removed.

Anyone posting passwords shall be banned for a period of time.

Anyone attempting to sell tickets on the forum, even if it is via face value, shall also be banned.
I know its harsh but if you have spares dont advertise them, pick someone who doesnt have one (its pretty obvious from posts) and contact them via PM to see if they are interested. The board or NFLUK is not responsible if you engage in getting tickets by this way and it goes wrong.

Anyone taunting others about tickets shall be subject to a ban.

Oh.... and

No begging for tickets and/or passwords too please. it only encourages touts.