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Originally Posted by charlesp View Post
This was already answered, see original post.
I will have to assume that you mean that subscriptions don't restrict where in the world you choose to watch it.

As for Karen Murphy, it has to be said, the UK pubs have had a rough ride in that regard, compounds by the changes in smoking laws and super market alcohol prices.
Not sure if her case will change this situation though.
I am watching to see what will happen with F1. As for the first time, it is no longer going to be entirely on terrestrial TV.
Respect to ESPN and Channel 4 for not imposing on GamePass, what Sky Sports is.

It is funny really, as GamePass was going to be the answer to NFL fans in the UK prays. Sky's coverage was declining and now we could actually watch all of our teams games. Yet the blackouts and redzone is Sky's way of saying: If we can't have your money, we are going to ruin it for all of you!

And I guess that is my related question. Although nothing in contracts has changed from last year to this, why the decision to honour it more all of a sudden? Considering you knew the response would be negative, why the sudden desire to honour such things where as this gusto for obligations wasn't present before? Something obviously happen and I am curious as to what.
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