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Originally Posted by vann_mcelroy View Post
Sky is dead, there are far cheaper ways to watch the NFL(live) nowadays.
Problem is I cant mention them here or i get banned
It is not so much that. Yes there are, but we were presented with a product, which we could pay for, which gave us all that we desired.
Most NFL fans appreciate the fact that such things have to be a viable business model, that money has to be spent. Since we aren't in the US, we most likely aren't going to get the Satellite/Cable bandwidth for games that the US gets. e.g. the ability to watch any game as part of your subscription package.

I am happy to spend money on a legit product. I will do so. It is just funny that I am forced to find other sources for games Sky has blacked out. Neither Sky or NFL are winning any friends over this sham.

Bit like NFL being the beacon of parity and competitiveness in sports, yet sign a 10 year exclusive deal with EA sport, thus destroy any competition in that market and leaving the lesser product as the only product available. Again, a loss for the fans.

Watching football should be way simpler than this. Pay money, watch football. Alas, this is not the case.
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