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There is no way we keep Decker. He will get too much in FA, and Broncos have told him to come back to them with his best offer. My bet is he ends up in New England. I would like to see him sign a 2yr deal, and play in Denver until PFM retires. However, it's such a small window, and you never know, he could break a leg next season and never get the same deals again. He should take the money.

Moreno will probably command too much also.

I would like to see them try and restructure Champ, if not they have to release. $10m is too much to take on for a player who had the worst year of his career last year, and the signs aren't great that will change.

DRC is a key re-signing, as is Beadles. Wouldn't mess about with the offensive line too much, they need to protect quite a valuable asset!

News has also come out that Pot Roast wants a new deal, he definitely out-performed his salary last year.

I would release Dreessen and Kuper, and wouldn't sign Ayers, unless it was on a prove yourself short-term deal.

Phillips depends on the money again. Would like to see a cheeky offer for Jared Allen myself, but think he might be too expensive.
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