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I still believe this team are better than results show (stop laughing at the back).

I really believe Pace, Fox and co have the beginnings of a competitive squad, I get that they are young and inexperienced, yes we’ve been crippled by injuries to starters and just don’t have the depth to compete on every down when our second stringers are out there. But every step forward is followed by a self-inflicted three steps back.

Right now, we have to play a game with minimal mistakes but there are just too many penalties.

Loggians gameplans have no consistency from period to period never mind from game to game. And he still seems to believe Cutler is a gunslinger who can be let loose.

I thought Cutler still had a chance to remain with the team next year but I think those 20 minutes with 2 picks and a fumble might just have been the nail in the coffin, I don’t think he’ll be back now, Fox’s face (I think it was after that fumble) pretty much said it all.

I won’t ever go into a game without hope, I truly do not want us to tank as I don’t believe it does this team any favours to lose out, this young team needs to learn how to win games. Just a little progression from game to game would be nice, a solid gameplan, cut down on the penalties and mental errors and finish the season on the up will do me right now.
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