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Originally Posted by tstb-94 View Post
I've been following the NFL for a few years now and I've watched a lot of football this year and love the Vikings. AP, the purple colours, the new stadium! I posted a thread below about fans going over to Minnesota to get a feel for the city itself from people who have been.

I'm 22 and from the North West and wondered if there was any other Vikings fans on here from these parts? Any advice on how to better follow us here in the UK? Any UK fan clubs i could join?

I am sorry about a long thread and thanks for taking the time to read it & reply, just wanted to say hello to the fellow Vikes becaue I post a lot on these forums and will be active in the future!

So looking forward to seeing the Vikings next year too can't wait!

Are you on Twitter? That is probably the best way to follow in my experience as lots of good resources, websites and podcasts to follow.....and following a few of the bloggers and beat writers will open up lots of info for you.

Not too sure about fan clubs etc over here, I've not really found one that does anything bar be a Twitter handle or Facebook page. Guess we'll see whether it becomes anything when the game is here next year
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