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Originally Posted by BuffaloG View Post
He reminds me hugely of EJ Manuel. Physically gifted, inconsistent as can be. Because of what happened Kolb EJ had to start way too early and never recovered. He needs to sit and learn, and personally I think it's a terrible fit as there is basically no one to learn from in Cleveland. Watson or even Peterman made a lot more sense than Kizer. Alongside Mahomes I think Kizer was the worst QB fit for the Browns
I actually think he will be a good fit, better than both Watson and Peterman who is basically Kessler with more manoeuvrability

Though I personally still think Mitch is the best in the class I think both Kiser and Mahomes are better fits than him or the two mentioned above for Jackson offence. Both are big and have big arms and Jackson likes that, that's why he took RG 3 on because of his ability to get out of pocket and throw big but both of these are physically bigger than Robert

I don't think the non vet to learn from will be that big an issue, I'm sure they would take someone if that person is around but no reason why Kiser can't learn without this either
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