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Originally Posted by Pedal Bin View Post
I would guess Texans for the Jags at Wembley as the NFL are keen to get the remaining three teams over. Discussions were held on Friday (Roger Goodell mentioned this at the UK NFL Live Event at Wembley on Saturday morning) so they probably know who the teams are already. He gave no hints.
True, I was at the event and that's the feeling I had as well, that they already know whose coming over next year. This is also why on social media one of the most respected insiders covering the Jets said we could expect to see them come over next year.

If I had to guess:

Texans @ Jags
Packers @ Chargers
Giants @ Jets (New York derby in London, that would be pretty cool)
Panthers @ Falcons

Originally Posted by Pedal Bin View Post
As you can see we play the Raiders, Panthers and Falcons away next year so potentially the Jags could do two back to back games one as the home team and the other as the away. I know they wanted to try that however it could be argued that it would give them an unfair advantage as they would already be in the UK. However I think we need any advantage we can get at the moment!
I can never see a scenario in which one team plays two games in London in the same season. Just ain't happening.
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