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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
Think the two Milan clubs' demise in the last 5-6 years is one of the main reasons why Juventus have dominated. In terms of stature and clout, the Milanese clubs are the only true rivals. I'm talking fanbase, sponsorship/earning potential etc. Napoli and the Rome clubs just can't compete with that. Partly the north-south divide in Italy (Rome isn't the south but it's also not the wealthy north). It's also that some players are apparently put off going to play in Rome or Naples because the fan scrutiny is just so intense down there. You don't get pestered in the street in Turin or Milan in the same way. So the Milanese duo are the logical best challengers, but for various reasons it just hasn't happened in recent years.
Yeah, the Milanese clubs certainly need to step up their game. Interesting that Milan seem to have shelved their new Stadium plans. Juve's approach of a smaller, modern stadium, appears to be the way forward for Italian clubs (if they can afford it). I wonder if leaving Inter as the sole inhabitants of the historical Giuseppe Meazza played a part in that?
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