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Originally Posted by Monie View Post
It might be opinion, but it was the opinion of EVERYBODY. Moss fell to 21 because of a litany of off-field problems - there wasn't a single person, anywhere, that would argue he wasn't easily the most talented and best WR in that draft. At the time or after.

You'd be a total and utter moron to try and claim that because he was drafted 21 he was less talented than Kevin Dyson, the 1 WR taken above him.
I don't think I should have used the world talent though, I should have written you can't claim as a player that you should have been taken higher.

When you evaluate a player you don't only focus on talent. Clearly the off the field issues weighed against the talent led to him being taken at 21. I'm sure there have been plenty of players is similar circumstances with exceptional talent but bad "attitude" who have just had loads of suspensions, Pacman Jones springs to ming, and therefore didn't warrant the pick used on him.
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