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Originally Posted by John Breitenbach View Post
I understand all this but there is one fact to consider here and that is the place in the draft where the player was taken. If you don't think anyone in the top 5 will pick you then stay in colledge for another year. I don't care if anyone says Randy Moss was the most talented WR because that is simply opinion compared to where you're drafted which is fact. The price may vary considering the position, so a WR may get more than a C but it should be relative to where you're taken. Clearly Oakland saw DHB as a better player than Crabtree so Crabtree should not get more money than him.
The raiders saw DHB as a better fit for their system, not a better player
Al Davis knew that crabtree was a far better player but he took the fastest guy in the draft because he still wants Jim Plunkett to cliff branch football. Davis is a guy who drafted a kicker in round one so you cannot hold his judgement very highly

Crabtree definately should not get top 5 money because he was the tenth pick but there is no doubt he was in the top 3 of talent in the draft, teams that picked 1-9 just had more pressing needs than wideout
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