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Name - Chris
Age - 18
Lives - Worcester (bristol in 19 days)
Followed Cowboys since - 1996
Why Dallas? - First game I watched was Cowboys vs 'skins and I decided I would support the winner
Favourite current player - Jason Witten
Favourite all-time player - Troy Aikman
First memory - Aikman to Irvin
Best memory - Any time we beat the skins/giants/eagles
Worst memory - Romo's botched snap

Pet peevs/views
Romo - Isn't a choker, anyone who doesn't win a superbowl is a choker for life apparently
T.O - Great player but Romo will improve without him, Tony isn't a deep ball thrower but Owens demanded it of him
Orlando Scandrick - Agree with Darlo on this, the guy is fantastic
Roy E. Williams - The guy is so talented and I think he will have a monster year
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