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Originally Posted by mattchew View Post
Most people who are more attuned with all these legal definitions tahn me seem to

think that all the league has to do is reword the reasons behind the suspensions
andthey will be re issued, so this is just a temporary reprieve.

It is good , though , to see the league being shown to have handled the whole affair
with a bumbling incompetance and if any good comes from it then perhaps they will
think a little before acting next time.

It's interesting to see the opinion of Carlson and Reynolds. Carlson seems a bit more
open minded about the whole thing and doesn't seem to have fallen for all the hype
in the same way Reynolds has. Indeed Reynolds finds the Saints responsible not only
for their own players and coaches but also the actions of the Giants team in targeting
a concussion prone special teamer. It must be a mistake ,as a professional journalist
would never just trot out the party line now ..... would he??
I've never been a big fan of Reynolds. The only time I watch Sky is for the play-offs and he's a big part of why. He gets stats and even basic info wrong; he spends way too much of broadcasts agreeing with whatever the guests say (even if it contradicts the ones he agreed with the week before) and so on, but my main gripe is he's not an analyst, he's a breathing company billboard, trotting out the exact thing the company wants to push - Gooddell is wonderful & benevolent, Rogers is the second comming of Christ, Giants! Giants! Giants! (let's just forget they admitted to the media that they targetted concussed players). It's personal preference, and I guess some people like just hearing the party-lines over and over again, but if they brought back Nick Haling to replace him I'd consider going back to Sky.....

On the other hand, I've always been a big fan of Iron Mike. He comes across as knowledgable in every aspect of the game, from high-school up. I remember when the "bounty" news first broke all the in any way "official" podcasts immediatley condemed the Saints without hearing any evidence from either side, but 'Carnage took the "Pretty much every team has something like this and you're naive if you think otherwise. The Saints crime was getting caught"

Maybe it's a personality thing, for me Carlson sort of represents a former era of intellect, doing your research (when was the last time you heard Reynolds talking about the old Packer sweep rather than the flavour of the week?) and actually thinking about things; Reynolds is from the glossy, HDTV, 24 hour news iPhone reality TV culture and is more of a mouthpiece for the coporate side of the game, rather than an analyst.

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