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Genuine 50/50 game this for me - anybody expecting a Patriots roll over clearly hasn’t watched them or the Chargers this season.

Chargers are the more talented side - I'd say the Pats are much better coached however, and obviously winning in January in Foxboro is the “Everest” of the NFL.

Think this is going to be a fairly low scoring game - a 20-17 type of game. The Chargers D is playing very well and the Pats just don’t have the weapons this year to cause such a good D much trouble - Pats might be able to run it a bit I fancy though.

However Chargers O has been poor with Gordon banged up, and the Pats D (well the Pats secondary) has been superb. I actually have more faith in our D than our O in this one, think we can get to Rivers enough too.

Whatever happens - should be a good game. And I think these two franchises will still be competing for another year or two at least yet
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