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Originally Posted by Ollyrules View Post
Genuine 50/50 game this for me - anybody expecting a Patriots roll over clearly hasn’t watched them or the Chargers this season.

Chargers are the more talented side - I'd say the Pats are much better coached however, and obviously winning in January in Foxboro is the “Everest” of the NFL.

Think this is going to be a fairly low scoring game - a 20-17 type of game. The Chargers D is playing very well and the Pats just don’t have the weapons this year to cause such a good D much trouble - Pats might be able to run it a bit I fancy though.

However Chargers O has been poor with Gordon banged up, and the Pats D (well the Pats secondary) has been superb. I actually have more faith in our D than our O in this one, think we can get to Rivers enough too.

Whatever happens - should be a good game. And I think these two franchises will still be competing for another year or two at least yet
think we will move the ball on the Chargers defence but like last seasons match up think our red zone offence(or lack of it) could keep this close.

Gordon has now got issues with both knee's which could make there offence one dimensional and even our pass rush will get to Rivers.

still hoping we see a slightly healthy Gronk tonight and maybe he roll's back the years with a 100 yard 2TD's performance(and a pass break up on a last play hail mary).
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