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Originally Posted by UKcardinalsfan View Post
So, We got to see him play 2 quarters of football

Not greatly impressive, getting pretty much written off again after his showing


Let us not forget that he hasn't been taking the suitable reps with the starters, he is lefty, meaning the line have to work differently as do the rest of the offense in reality. He has been prone to turning the ball over when making bit part appearances and this time kept it safe. I'd like to think that his ball control and decision making was better and with time with the starters he can still prove to be "WHO WE THOUGHT HE WAS!" and maybe "CROWN HIS A@@!"
Well true he didn't actually turn the ball over this time BUT he nearly did on a couple of throws. That said until he gets real practice time with the 1's and a real chance to get the rust off I reserve judgement.
If he plays Sunday and i'm Whiz I call play action long pass first play (the titans have to expect us to protect ML by running) and see what I have in #7. if he completes it... confidence boost right there, if he doesn't nothing lost if its picked we see what he's made of in how he handles it.
With our LBs banged up we are up against it anyway with the Titans and we need the O to control the ball and keep CJ off the field get ahead and make Young have to beat us with his arm.
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