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Originally Posted by Boyne View Post
Have to agree with the above. While ML may have looked a bit dodgy on his limited appearances so far, it would be very unfair to judge him on this. In most team sports when a player (especially in a key/high vis. position) is promoted/signed, life can be very tough due to expectations/new team-mates/tactics etc and it can take up to and beyond 2 years before everything clicks. What I'm trying to say is that he will need to start consistantly in the 1st team before he can be fairly judged.
agree to all of this. When he started he showed in parts that he can lead this team.

I will hold my hands up and say i was all up for matt to start when it was up for grabs a few years ago (how wrong i was) and this was based on him getting games and reps with the starters. he is a better player than the few quaters have shown him to be this year.

Warner on the other hand is now being touted as the best QB in cardinals history....something i am inclinded to agree with.
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