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Originally Posted by UrbanLegend View Post
im not sure about stubhub, i think you may be right but then manchester united have a similar system with viagogo where u buy a seat of a season ticket holder who cant make that game, check it out at least.

and yeah im pretty sure you can pick them up from the stadium but as i said before i never did it that way because i have a friend in SD but im sure u can.

as for SD itself, its a great city. I stayed in the HI hostel both times, its right in the gaslamp district which is where u wanna be. Great bars and restaurants etc. SD has great beaches and theres balboa park and sea world and the zoo......

god i could go on forever. Once u book PM me and we'll talk in more detail but bewarned your making me insanely jealous already wish i could afford to go again this year!!
Haha, yeah I can't wait. Never been to America before, planning on San Diego, LA and Vegas over 2 weeks, including the ARI @ SD game... I'll definitely PM you once we get the ball rolling.
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