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Hey I just watched the uniform unveiling video on - JP Losman was so pumped he couldn't even speak. That kid is going to be something special I can feel it. Jim Kelly gave him props too - MAN I AM SO PUMPED FOR JP I CAN BARELY SPEAK!!

Not trying to be a homer or anything - but I think JP could produce an extra 2 wins for the Bills this year on determination alone.

JP Losman is an attention ***** who talks trash and acts like a madman just to ***** the press. Hopefully he can back up what he claims this year.
Dude where did that come from?

I'm not sure JP has been much of a media ***** since he arrived in Buffalo. To my mind he's conducted himself in a very professional and considered manner and done little to draw attention to himself... As far as I am aware he's a bit of a cocky SOB who believes in himself -but he's knows hes not proven in the NFL and hasn't gone off shouting about himself yet...

And anyway - at the uniform unveiling he was pumped cos all the Bills fans in the stadium were going nuts!
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