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[quote author=Craig#10 link=board=1;threadid=11135;start=15#msg241892 date=1118427930]
[quote author=nickmanning link=board=1;threadid=11135;start=15#msg241183 date=1118399202]

He'll be the most prepared QB in the league... That boy has been looking at tapes and working out every day since late January... should be fun!

Hmmm Hmmm i think Mr. Payton Manning and a number of other QB's would have something to say about being the most prepared QB in the league

I don't know... JP has got to prove himself as good as Big Ben and at least as good as Eli in his own mind - and he'll have to carry the huge expectations in Buffalo - so he's going to be as prepares if not more so for the season than any other QB. Whether he can actually execute after preparing is a different matter
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