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Originally Posted by G-Man Dan View Post
This is the wording from the official GamePass site: "Access begins February 7th through July 31st". Remember, this is for the off season version.

I appreciate your help but I would rather just stick to what I would have watched on Sky tbh, therefore, if anyone can supply me with the desired schedules, I'd be very grateful.
Well I bought the offseason subscription on 2nd of January but that's not to say they won't have changed things. And the offseason subscription is the only one we in the UK have access to in the postseason.

As for schedules, there are threads in the NFL Season forum posted by Qualcomm I believe that detail what games were on Sky in what week and I think if you click the TV & Audio section at the top of this page it takes you to the schedule too. As for the games on C4, it was the Sunday night game every week so just look for the second last game in the list of archived games for that week and you're sorted.

Just about to start going back and watching we games I missed first time round to fill the time in until August myself. Long way away yet

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