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I really don't want us to pick Manziel just don't think he really is the No1 QB in this draft, for me that is definitely Bridgewater.

I don't see the Rams taking an early pick QB, they've got a good starting QB if they can keep him fit and sure up their O-line to protect him.

Shaub I don't see being out starter even if we don't pick a QB at No1. Keenum is ahead of Shaub now I'd say anyway, there are a couple of decent options in free agency that could do a good job with a bolstered O-Line. Plus there are other options that could be available in round 2 not everyone is going to pick off all the QBs on round 1. Could be that Taj Boyd would be available in round 2, maybe not the Bridgewater or Manziel everyone is craving but he is a good dual threat QB that could be developed.

I agree about the need for a RT & CB though. One thing is for sure its promising to be a very good draft this year.
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