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Nice to see a bit of love for the Bills.

Firstly I would say our problem is as much our O line as it is QB, we're struggling to give anyone time.

So I assume that our 2nd round pick will go O line, so I dont expect a draft QB to be the answer, unless we find a gem in the later rounds.

I also assume that cap space priority will be our D. We can probably afford to keep it in tact for a few years if we let a couple of players like Spiller go. Meaning we can pay Dareus.

Of the options suggested :
Cutler : Simply too expensive, and I dont see him becoming cheap enough. He has no obvious successor in Chicago so I think he will sit and wait before accepting a pay cut.

Newton : Dont see it as realistic, I think Carolina would throw everyone including the kitchen sink at him to keep him

RGIII : Doesnt fit our system, with Watkins,Hogan,Woods we have a fairly traditional QB position. The WRs are the playmakers. Nor do I think his personality will suit Buffalo

Bradford : Whilst he is a crock, I could see him coming in. I think he would replace Manual, and be a starter, whilst keeping Orton as a super backup.

Manual : I think it is still believed in in Buffalo, he was just drafted too early, and played too soon. I think there is a good player there, he just needs to start again, probably not in Buffalo

Orton : Is an average game manager at best, he doesnt make too many horrendous errors, but he doesnt push the play enough, but I dont think he would be gone without a proper option

Hoyer : Realistic, suits the system. Doesnt give a huge leap on Orton, but is an improvement I reckon. Would give you the option of drafting a late round project.

Foles : The one I want, whether he is realistic I'm not sure. I hope the Eagles are stupid enough to let him go, he is a very good QB for me, and definitely good enough to win a super bowl with, he just doesnt fit the crazy Eagles system, and with respect, doesnt have the WRs he would have in Buffalo. I think if Philadelphia are willing to consider a trade, we should go for it.

I want : Foles, with Orton backup
I expect : Orton competing with Hoyer
I dont want : RGIII

And we need the OC to get the boot to make it all work, otherwise I fear we will never get the best from any of them

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