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Our starters are certainly caperable of making the wildcard berths what concerns me is our depth.

I think too much is placed on the we will miss Forte qiotr .Great man,great player but he is on the decline and this new running scheme is more to Langfords taste. If we have an O lineman go down we are up the creek with no paddle.

TE is a huge concern if miller goes down we have no quality depth

On the defencd our front 7 Is pure nasty and can only get nastier once big P returns from the PUP. We will see more plays from our saftys this year as amos and HJQ will be massively improved. What concerns me Is our lack of quality CB'S if we have more then one of them go down (Fuller,Porter ,Callahan) then we are in trouble as behind them we have raw raw potential but no starter ready CB'd McManis anyone lol
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