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Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 View Post
The signing of Ealy might suggest they dont look at DE? Not a huge fan myself-he flashes, but against whom? remember Doug Free having him in his pocket, and Free wasnt the best at PP especially later on. Having said that if Davenport is still at 19 it wouldnt be a shock. With Bryant gone do they take a WR? the draft looks fairly deep on WRs and chancing one first round? The way it looks at the mo, maybe a LB is a good call
I don't think signing Ealy precludes them from taking a DE at 19 or any other point in the draft. Lawrence, Crawford and Taco are the only DE's who can't really be cut (or replaced) and Crawford isn't really an out and out DE either. They have plenty of bodies at the position but adding another quality starter cant be overlooked.

I think you make a good point on WR, it's a deep draft. They can get them on Day 2 if they are 'desperate' or Day 3 if they are looking for depth or a developmental 'traits' guy.

1 of their first 3 picks almost has to be a linebacker. There is no certainty in their current group, and Sean Lee is the only stand out guy. Tbh it's the one position they've not added to this offseason, so for numbers alone pick 19 points towards a LB (or a trade back and a linebacker). I wouldn't rule out a TE in the first 2 days either, now James Hanna has retired there looks to be more of an opening. If they don't draft one early then they must have high hopes for Rico Gathers.
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