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Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 View Post
For once i think they had a good draft! no chances taken, Williams at 50 is top and Shultz at 137 is a potential steal as is Bo at 236, dont know much about Covington or Armstrong have to admit.But just when you get happy the do a mad trade for Ward!! lol
Really heavy on offence, too heavy perhaps?. It almost feels like they decided to adopt the same approach to WR as they did CB last year. Just blanket bomb the position and start over. Hopefully that is set for the foreseeable future now too though.

Hoping to watch at least one tape on all of them in the coming weeks. Obviously already watched Connor Williams, I love that pick at 50. A very 'Ramcyzk-type' selection. No more worrying about our strength becoming our weakness. Smith - Williams - Frederick- Martin - Collins!

My only wish is they would have taken Mo Hurst at 137. Schultz is meant to be a good player, young too, but he does have shorter arms than you'd like. I understand why they went in that direction, but it's even more help for the offence. That said, perhaps they want to give Dak THE best opportunity to succeed possible. If he regresses again this year then they'll know ahead of time they need to start planning to move on (and not giving him a huge new contract).
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