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Originally Posted by Raven 1889 View Post
This continuing attitude by the GamePass providers and Sky is very suprising seeing as we are all in a Single European Market.

The Karen Murphy Case (google it) is about to shatter all of these convenient arrangements.
If the ECJ find against MPS, it will only prevent the selling of rights within the EU that contain territorial restrictions.

Neither would such a finding require any provider to offer their services in all member states anyway. Only that they cannot be prevented from doing so by their suppliers.

Gamepass does not include any such restriction, nor is it based within the EU.

Also, the European Commission has already ruled that national blackouts are lawful. This was in response to the blackout windows imposed by UEFA, for example, where a Saturday 3pm Premier League could be shown everywhere within the EU except the UK, in ruling 2001/478/EC.
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