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I was also on auto renew & was told my bill would be £139.99 in GBP, nothing about any reduction for renewing.

On the 3rd of August I was charged £140.68 (which was 156-49 in Euros )and because this was in Euros I incurred fees from my bank which put another £4.70 on top of my bill, my total bill has come to £145.38. A small difference to £139.99 at no time was I asked about paying in a foreign currency or even declare that I wanted to pay in any other currency except GBP.

I have contacted them Gamepass through their contact us feature at least times on their page & I have not had a reply, I contacted them on their Twitter page many times & got 1 reply through DM which asked me which country was I in when I purchased Gamepass, I replied England & I have heard no more.

I have calle Deltatre & spoke to people & left messages I have posted on these boards any info I have had I have emailed NFL to no available.

I feel people like me have been sent to Coventry & are being ignored, thing that is the worse part is no one is announcing anything saying they are aware of the problem & are working to get it resolved or even a contact number for those that have been billed incorrectly.

Complete shambles

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