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Originally Posted by Barryt View Post
Sorry but that crap!
LeBron owes Cleveland NOTHING....without LeBron the Cavaliers as a franchise remain anonymous, he has at least made them relevant.
Whilst I don't agree with LeBrons final decision, I defend his right to make it and in fairness to the guy he has taken less money to go to Miami.

The Cavs have only themselves to blame, they mis-managed their cap space trying to win with LeBron and now didn't have anything to persuade him to stay.

I still say New York would've been better but thats up to LeBron..........if he'd have been a draft bust, would anyone have batted an eyelid if they cut him, no. So why should we feel sorry for the Cavs now LeBron has decided to go elsewhere
Wait the fans in Cleveland gave him everything. The fans going out into the games after he got drafted and helping to boost both LeBrons and the Cavs rep is a part of helping James get his star status. Had the Fans stayed away you really thing Lebron would have the fan base he has now?

He was a hero to them being a local boy and saying that he would help the Cavs get the ring as he was a "fan" and then to go on National TV and kick them to the curb like he did is wrong. Yes the cap situation was messed up problem is that they were so close to getting that ring as his team, now he is going to Miami to become Wade's *****.

The way he left was a ***** move
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