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Default Gameday Thread

We end up with post game chat spread out between two or three threads all the time. If the rest of you agree with me that it would easier to have a dedicated thread, ask for this thread to be stickied or if you can't be arsed just add Gameday thoughts here anyway!

VS Bengals:

Negative first: lack of a pass rush; the pass D was under pressure because of it the whole game.

No doubt the Bengals dominated the game for the most part, but our D never gives up regardless. The surprise was how calm our O looked.

I thought Trestman's gameplan was excellent; he recognised the strength of the Bengals D-line and countered it running out of shotgun right up the middle, which in turn holds the Mike and stops the DEs running deep.

The O-line did a great job against a very good D. Long is a beast, Mills played better on his pro debut than Webb, Carimi and Williams managed over the last 3 years.

Cutler made the right read all day, the pick happened because of a player grabbing his left shoulder; the deep seam was there.

Gould's record kick deserved to be the difference.

Indiscipline is part of the game; it has held the Raiders back for decades. The Bengals coaches should/will be absolutely livid today.
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