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So that's what a TE looks like!

O-line played well again.

The ability to come from behind gives us a shot in any game; that's very encouraging.

We shouldn't have been behind! So much momentum and scoring opportunities wasted.

Zero pass rush again. Rodgers will rip our D to shreds in a few weeks if this isn't a blip.

I entirely disagree with Chip Kelly's view of playing Offense, I like the methodical way we are moving the ball, running the clock and resting the D; however when you have momentum you want to force the opponent's D to keep the same players on the field. We have to be able to speed things up when we need to.

I've long wanted big receivers for Cutler and we finally have them, but I would like to see a Welker working in the space: fast feet and the ability to get yards after the catch.

I think we will go 3-0.
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