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We really ought to win this and secure a playoff game.

Even healthy I don't think the Vikings are as good as they appear. The win percentage of teams they have beaten is .387 (I know, some of you will take offence to that, but its how I see it). I want them to beat someone really good so that I can believe. Perhaps that is tonight. They have a talented defence, which they clearly build any victory off, but with the injuries, it is going to be hard.

As the year goes on we continue to look brilliant on offence, and very good in the secondary on defence. Still the overwhelming, in fact, only concern is the lack of pass rush. it's a major worry. I don't think it will cost us tonight, but someone will take advantage of it.

Anything can happen, and the Vikings have plenty of talent, but we really ought to win.

Vikings 16 - 31 Cardinals
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