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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
when we drafted Jones don't remember too many people complaing about the pick,he played for Saban so would have some knowledge of the "Patriot Way".still got to think back to corners we have drafted who really found there feet in there 2nd/3rd season.

surely last year if Jone's was starting we would have been in trouble but this year before the injury he should have been 3rd/4th on the depth chart and primed to start next year if Butler leave's.but guess not every draft pick works,Jordan Richards as a 2nd rounder is now just a special teamer but that keeps him on the 53 as we seem to carry more special teamers than any other team and it works in the long run.
I didn't complain because I thought he was going to be good. He hasn't been. Jordan Richards on the other hand didn't make a lot of sense, and is one of those mysterious picks we have from time to time.

Bottom line with Cyrus is he was exceptionally poor in his rookie year, and it got in his head, hence the ejections, the social media rants, and the interview talking about how he wanted to pack it in. He seemed to be improving in the return game this preseason, but was still poor in coverage, the play where he got injured being the exception...
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