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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
oh well week 1 didn't quiet goto plan.the offence started so well but somehow got bogged own.Cooks looked ok but was shocked we never got him atleast 3 or 4 deep shots,seemed Hogan got more deep targets.

some good things to consider Solder who has missed most of the pre-season games played every offensive snap and Blounts redzone TD's look in good hands with Gillislee,didnt see much from Birkhead but sure he will get his chance to shine soon.

think on defence we saw some real issue's in the front 7 but think we have to remember we've had some struggle's on defence early on but by October we are normally in a much better place.

the Banner stuff was great especially seeing Edelman with the 2014 Lombardi.
I think Hogan is more of a traditional deep threat than Cooks, and that's more how they see him. End arounds aside, Hogan mostly goes deep. All in all, not McDaniels' finest hour. They got desperate and predictable in the 2nd half, reminded me of SB42's final drive.

Burkhead continues to look unimpressive to me. The front 7 is still a major concern, but possibly fixable. The breakdowns in the secondary will likely never happen again after a good talking too from the coaching staff this week.
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