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Originally Posted by LesterHayes View Post
I was talking to the Chiefs GM, who I know in the real world, the other day. It's his first NFLUK Draft and he was surprised just how seriously some people do this. You're one of those I take it?

Some interesting placings there. Pleased to see all my early picks are in your Top 11. Interestingly there were some red flags on one of your Green Chip players? Chase Winovich? Apparently some poor character stuff in interviews? Personally I'd stay away from any player who wants to pretend they're Thor or auditioning for Spinal Tap!

I think I feel the same way about Kyler Murray and am starting to worry we may blow some of our draft capital to go up and get him. For me he's just too titchy.
Haha I'm definitely one of those! And I did like your first round a lot.

I hadn't heard that about Winovich where did you see that? Would be interested to have a look. There's a great All or Nothing series on Amazon following the Michigan Wolverines and he features a lot in that and he seems like a good person though sure that could be for the cameras. I also wonder whether the interview rumours are teams wanting him to drop a little so putting false stuff out there. Anyway he's a blue chip for me for what he does on the field, just love his toughness and his motor. I think he lacks a little bit of explosion but he has plenty of moves as a pass rusher and can set the edge.

With Kyler Murray, I could be very wrong as he is so insanely talented. Cards on the table - I'm an A's fan so there could be some unconscious bias there. But it also means I've followed his story the last year or so before he was on anyone's draft radar and the thing that concerns me most, more than the height, is that he seems really really arrogant. Again, could be very wrong as this is based on a hunch and feel bad knocking him when not knowing him but I worry that someone so arrogant won't be able to see/work on the things he needs to improve as a QB and with only one year of production we haven't seen him go through a lot of adversity or teams working him out. With the exception of the Bama game where he did manage to right the ship after a shaky start.
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