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Originally Posted by LesterHayes View Post
And 10 - 20lbs of weight too don't forget.

I just can't get away from the stats: no QB under 6ft tall with the exception of Russell Wilson has won a Superbowl. How many QB's under 6ft have done anything in the last 25 years? 1?

Wilson was drafted in the 3rd Round for a reason. Interestingly one pundit at the time (it was Jon Gruden) said "the only issue with Russell Wilson is his height. That might be the reason he's not picked in the first couple rounds" and most evaluators, including those in Seattle lets not forget, had him pegged as a mid round 'maybe'. Murray should be seen through that prism IMO.

being unique isnt a bad thing, plenty of tall QBs get draft and really suck

and how much of an issue has Wilsons height been?

Baker and Brees are both 6ft not that much taller.
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