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I think the Murray height issue does need to be considered. There are some throws where he clearly has to put the ball on a more up and down trajectory than taller QB's because of his height, so it clearly is a factor. Would those balls be more likely to get intercepted at the next level? Maybe. Does he have to move about sometimes because he can't get the lane? Certainly.

On the other hand he was a twice All-American in High School and a Heisman Trophy winner this past season. He has clearly worked out how to be very effective within those parameters. He's accurate in the pocket and on the move, has a fast release, can throw deep, can throw with velocity and is deadly with his legs. Does his height and build really outweigh all that?

He feels like the only QB in the draft who has much chance to be a high level guy in the league (while seeing Haskins as someone who can be an OK starter).
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