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Default What a crap website - order completely failed

I was queueing on the site from around circle moving...then 5 minutes to go went all red again...panic.

5 minutes past suddenly let me in the site...all good I thought!

Then it list tickets with no stadium map to show where the seats were and the pricing tiers, had to find an external site to give me that.

After finally deciding on the pricing reserved the tickets....went through to payment, that was OK, then it went of to the bank for verification, and just as I was keying in the OTP code the site bombed be bask out to the welcome screen. Basket empty, tickets gone...! Wouldn't let me try and place another order. Now there none left...and my Bears a re playing FFS.

I've been going to the games since the very first international series and been a season ticket holder all that time....this really p****ed me off bigtime, what an awful ticketing experience.
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