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i don’t subscribe to this theory of prioritising the same people time and time again -you want to give new fans a chance as well. They gave you priority for Wembley still. But it’s still a dreadful ticketing experience. As a Tottenham fan who is not a ST holder I am already very familiar with this process, and especially at the new stadium. Before wasting the best part of 2 hours today, I’d wasted similar amounts of time on 3 occasions in the last few months for Premier League or Champions League tickets at the new stadium. And for Spurs at Wembley I’ve had it all... getting bounced out when you reach the front of the queue, getting in and then every seat being unavailable, the screen freezing at payment page, you name it. In fact for soccer I’m thinking of a way I can stop having to do’s just a complete pain and a waste of time.
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