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I was unlucky(?) enough to be at work and left a mate who was at home to go through the pain.
4 bounces out after getting to the review order screen, it was then announced as sold out.

Im slightly torn about the whole NFL UK experience atm, but this has shoved me in a definite direction.
I was lucky enough to see my team play in 2016 and other mates (Colts, Dolphins fans) have also. One of my mates is now gutted to miss out on his (Bears).
I get not giving priority to the same crowd over and over but, to go from max 4 tickets per account in 2018 to max 8 is a farce. Quell surprise, as many predicted, tickets appeared on certain sites at several times the face value within minutes. This after NFLUK saying that an open ticket sale was "the best way" to stop the bulk buying of tickets to be re-sold for profit.
I know the re-sell market is a well accepted practice in the US but I dont remember reading an US organisation stating they wanted to reduce ticket re-sells to then allow the touts to run wild.

I have 2 STs at Wembley (reduced from 4) and im 50-50 as to whether ill keep them in 2020, as im not a fan of Wembley (something i mention before). That isnt just a by-product of the Tottenham Stadium ticketing, it a result of blatant lack of transparency from NFLUK surrounding ticketing, Gamepass, NFL Europe shop etc. and the attitude of ignoring there is a problem when 100s if not 1000s of fans/customers are saying otherwise.

Its unlikely i will get to the US to see a game, and beyond this year i will probably only attend a London game featuring the Giants, resorting to my sofa. At least TV/streaming access to games is at a near all-time best(?)
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